• Degree in Conservatory of Trento - Triennio Pop Music 
  • Degree in Sociology, with the thesis: Popular music in music education.
  • Graduated from C.P.M. of Milan - Three-year in music styles 
  • Graduated from C.D.M. of Rovereto - Three-year in Jazz
  • Specialization at The Collective School of Music in New York City
  • Certification at the University of Padua – Three-year course in Music Education

Over the years I have collaborated in Music Schools in North Italy, teaching  courses in:

  • Drums
  • Music for special needs students 
  • Percussions for marching band
  • Pop-Rock ensemble,
  • Music education and solfeggio,
  • Music in cultural projects within High Schools.

I organized Masterclasses in Trentino with some of the most important names in national and international music education.

As Music Director of ArteGiovane Trentino, I organized the 'Festival Arte dell'Incontro'; ten years in which I collaborated with:
Ellade Bandini, Mark Harris, Michele Ascolese, Maurizio Meo, Luca Colombo, Franco Fasano, Simona Bencini, Massimo Bubola, Tony Bungaro, Reinaldo Santiago, Enrico Merlin and many other italian artists.

As Artistic Director of the OrizzonteGiovani, I actively participated in the organization of concerts in Trentino by:
Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Ivano Fossati, Francesco De Gregori, Negramaro, Ron, Gianluca Grignani,  Jovanotti,  Elio e le Storie Tese, Fiorella Mannoia, Gianna Nannini, Piero Pelù,  and many more italian artists.

I organized and presided, together with the Maestro Mogol, the Jury for the choice of the Official Anthem of the 2013 Winter Universiade Trentino.

I'm active on create music projects and opportunities to help special needs students around the world.


Over the years I have done tours, festivals and concerts with an"Italian pop-rock musical-theater" band:  

•  2 tours in Brazil, 2005 & 2007, meeting the Italian communities of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Vitoria, Curitiba, Nuova Trento, Jundai.. 

•  A musical journey of hope, in 2004, in the main squares of Bucharest, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Belgrade, Sofia, Nis and Tirana, after the end of the Balkan conflict.

• More of 800 live concerts in: London, Barcelona, Paris, Brussels, Maastricht, Frankfurt.. Spain, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Greece, Tenerife Islands.. Rome, Milan, Turin, Naples, Venice, Palermo, Bari, Crotone and more.

•  Performance at the Europe Youth Catholic Meeting - Loreto 2007 - 300.000 people; participations in the television program called
'La Domenica del Villaggio' - Mediaset 

I played in short tours and concerts with Mariella Nava & Michele Ascolese Trio and had concerts with Maurizio Meo, Mauro Palermo, Luca Colombo, Tony Bungaro.

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